Together we can make a difference

Each year BVL Catering Repairs will be supporting 1 local charity. We are excited to announce in 2021 we will be working with Matthew’s House, a Swansea based project that includes Matt’s Café.

Feed bellies not bins - the cafe with a conscience

The concept is simple, to intercept perfectly edible food destined for the bins by local supermarkets & businesses and turn it into delicious home cooked meals available to all but particularly those who are homeless or vulnerable.

    Reduce food waste - Feed those with or without funds -  Provide opportunities to the long term unemployed 

The innovative pay as you feel concept encourages people to think about what that plate of food means to them, and value it in whatever way they can. By choosing not to segregate people based on financial circumstances these cafes can be funded, but in a manner that neither patronises those who need it most and empowers others to freely support it. It provides the balance between the need for funding and the need for giving, but it does so in a very blended format – everyone is equal in being fed, it is up to the individual to pay what they feel.

                                                              How we can help support Matt's Cafe

2021, a time to give something back.....
Launching a new business in these uncertain times has been nerve-racking, however our vision has always been to be a part of the local community & support local businesses & projects where possible. 

We will be providing an annual labour free contract to Matt’s Café to maintain & service their commercial kitchen Ensuring they can continue producing the high volume of meals required.

We are enormously proud to be able to support such a unique project in the heart of our city.

                   You can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone